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Sonos devices not playing spotify when using alexa voice control

Sonos devices not playing spotify when using alexa voice control


Premium (Family Account)


United Kingdom



Sonos Beam, 2 x Sonos One


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I have some SONOS devices (in particular SONOS Beam, One and Sub). I have linked them to alexa using the sonos skill and can use alexa on the sonos devices for voice commands like "what is the weather like" and it gives me a response fine however when I ask it to play a song on spotify I get "To ask Alexa to play Spotify, link your Spotify Premium account. You can also ask Alexa to "Spotify Connect" and control the music directly from your Spotify App.".  A couple of days ago I upgraded from a spotify premium account to spotify premium family account, and I have linked it to alexa and to Sonos. I have also set spotify as my default music service.
If I ask alexa on my sonos devices to play a song and NOT mention spotify, it uses amazon music. If I go to an echo device in my home and ask it to play a song on spotify it works no issues.I have tried a complete reset of all of my Sonos equipment, unlinked, relinked, disabled the sonos skill in alexa and reenabled it and followed Sonos instructions to a T. I have contacted Amazon who also were unable to help. Alexa is clearly linked to sonos as it works on my echo dot devices (all of the devices are under the same amazon account) so it is an issue specifically on my sonos devices and spotify. Seeing as I am able to get other alexa commands to work such as weather etc I expect this is an issue spotifys end. I have tried signing out everywhere within my spotify account and changing password and logging back in/linking back up etc but still no joy?
Annoying thing is, it was working when I first set it up but appears after changing account from Premium to Premium Family that this issue has started.
Please advise.
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Just to add, if I go to spotify on my phone, or browse spotify from sonos app, I can play music fine, I just cant control it from alexa on the sonos devices (i.e "alexa, stop" or "alexa, pause" does nothing).

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