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Sonos, spotify and username with special characters

Sonos, spotify and username with special characters

Hi! 🙂


I have recently bought my first Sonos components and added my premium Spotify account to system. Logging in, playing music in general, seeing my playlists, searching for music, browsing public playlists, etc. work just great. However, browsing my own playlists and adding music to my playlists do not work.


I early on suspect it to be related to the fact that I have question mark in the end of my Spotify username. I had a long dialog and phone call with Sonos support and they tried with a different user and everything worked perfectly.


With that finding Sonos support accepts no responsibility for the service to not work 100%. As as developer I know that either Sonos doesn't encode the username correctly or Spotify has some error in one or more services. Sonos just wants me to have the username changed and they finally accepted to file an "enhancement request" for adding support to usernames with special characters.


I would prefer not to change my username, but I'm afraid there is no way round. My question is really only if some of Spotify's services are known to have an issue with usernames with special characters. Or if this most probably is a buggy implementation on Sonos' part.


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I would guess it is down to Sonos if it works fine with Spotify (which allows any unicode characters as far as I am aware!).

I can't imagine libspotify (the library other services use to connect to Spotify) doesn't support it considering having special characters in usernames has always been possible on Spotify's side.

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