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Spotify Connect Playback Issues On Disseparate Devices

Spotify Connect Playback Issues On Disseparate Devices

I have 3 active devices, my phone, my tablet, and my docked tablet connected to my stereo. They're constantly fighting over what device is in charge. When i get in my car it plays on the last device regardless of where i started playback. I don't want music to play at home when i'm driving to work, and I don't want it playing on my phone when i'm using my tablet, and I don't want it to play on my other devices when i'm using my docked tablet. I see one manual options to switch devices, but it doesn't switch automatically, how do i disable this mess?

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You can't disable it I'm afraid. However when you open the app and it detects music is playing somewhere else it is meant to bring up a bar at the bottom which says "Tap to Play from this device".

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