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Spotify Artists

Spotify Artists

Hello. Since there is no tab for Artists in Spotify where and how can I keep links to my favorite artists? I`ll try to explain what I mean. Let`s say I like 200 bands of different genres and different era. If I create playlists or folders of playlists for every band / artist it will take lots of space in Spotify app and besides it will be very messy. Also it will be kinda hard to manage such thing and if something goes wrong with Spotify app I can lose all that stuff and will have to make it from the scratch again. The only thing that comes to my mind right now is that I could create some text document and post links to Spotify Artists and when I would need some certain Spotify Artist I could use that document. But it`s not the most comfortable way and I was wondering if there are some other methods for my problem.

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The Collections feature which is currently in a closed beta test sounds like it will meet your needs once it goes public hopefully sometime later this year. Collections allows you to save artists and albums into your collection seperate to playlists. 


For now, if you follow your favourite artists, you can then view a list of them by going to your own profile and selecting "Following" at the top.

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