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Spotify Connect troubles with Yamaha MusicCast

Spotify Connect troubles with Yamaha MusicCast

Up until a few days ago, I had absolutely no problems connecting to my two Yamaha MusicCast speakers (WX-010 and WX-030) with Spotify Connect on my Android phone. All of a sudden, I very frequently have it get stuck on "Connecting..." when I try to connect. I have the same problem with the desktop version of Spotify.


This is specific to Spotify Connect as I have no problems playing Pandora on the speakers. I didn't change any of my network settings or do any kind of upgrades.


I've tried the following:

1) Restarted my router (once by restarting it, and once by completely uplugging it and plugging it back in).

2) Powered off and powered back on the speakers.

3) Completely reset the speakers and reconnected them with the MusicCast app.

4) Signed out of all Spotify devices and signed back in.

5) Removed and reinstalled the Spotify app from my phone.


None of these have helped. Is there a known Spotify Connect issue with Yamaha devices going on now?

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I'm suddenly having the same issue using my Android app or spotify on Mac to connect to my Yamaha Musicast reciever.  I assume it has something to do with how the reciever is connecting to my home wifi, but I'm not sure.  

If you are suddenly having this problem as well and you haven't done any kind of network changes, then I suspect it's not your network, but something with Spotify specifically.


I've realized now it's not just specific to the Yamaha speakers, but between the Android and the Desktop app they can frequently be out of sync with music playing separately from both. Normally when you play on one, it should disconnect from the other.

Some for me. WX-010 does not work standalone. ISX-80 and YSP2700 work well.
When i link ysp as master and wx as slave spotify works. Seems like an issue between Spotify Connect or WX-Firmware.

I might help you :

I bought the RN-602 and the WX-030. they both work perfectly independently.

But when I connect both of them, I have breach in the music on the WX-030.

I sent both back to Yamaha several times, and the last time it went back to Japan! (I live in France)

The answer from Yamaha is the following: they is a software issue between MusicCast and Spotify, and they have not solved the problem until now.

So I asked for a reimbursement of the WX-030, which they accepted.


Hi guys,


My WX-010 does not play with Spotify. I just bought the device so it's not that it suddenly stopped working, it just has never worked. Spotify tries to connect but just gives up without a message after about 10 seconds.


Has anyone found any solutions? Thanks

Same issue and just bought 3 days ago. Firmware is up to date

Yes! We also have the same problem. We have multiple devices and tried to play Spotify music but it did not work. Pandora, as well as, my music both work. I am not sure why Spotify is not working...

I have similar problem. I can see my musiccast speakers only once, later if I power of I can´t see with spotify again, but with others app I don´t have problem. If I switch of( take out the power cable) , I can see again only once more.... IF THIS PROBLEM IS NOT RESOLVE I WILL GO OUT WITH MY SUBSCRIPTION TO OTHER PLATFORM.......


Within the last week or so, I started having exactly the same problem and have tried all the usual solutions as MEA707 (restarting router, deleting, reinstalling Spotify, Musiccast app etc). No success.

I have the same problem with two Yamaha Wx-010 using Spotify connect with premium account. I bought the speakers one week ago and they never worked.

I have found that using a different router fixed my problem, perhaps your
router settings block something.

I have the same problem. Unfortunately the link you posted is not reachable anymore.

I can connect using airplay to the speaker but Spotify doesn’t work reliably. Sometimes only after removing power and plugging it in again. 

 Same problem here with yamaha wx50 preamp network player. All other services running well, like tidal, deezer, network radio, etc. Only Spotfy stop working when playing a song and it's hard to reconnect again.


very frustrating.

Same issue. Have 3 WX030.  Spotify drops constantly.  If rooms are connected it will only reconnect to the master.  To reconnect the other rooms requires powering them off and on and reconnecting.  Performance from a local server is rock solid.  It's only Spotify with the problem. 

I have the same problem with my WX-010 and WX-030. Everthing worked for nearly a year but since the end of february I can't connect from the spotify android app. Tried different smartphones, resetting the devices and even a different router but none of these have helped. Every other service works without problems.

It's possible to connect with the desktop app from my laptop and use the smartphone afterwards, but as soon as I stop playing or choose a different device, the yamaha device disappears from the android app.

Not sure if my information will help anyone but I have had to do a few different things to make my setup work.


First: my LGV30 Android musicCast app sucks. Most of the time when I use the app it can't find my speakers. Or, it finds only the master and not the linked speakers. My iPad (used only for music) works every time without any problems. Once I get the musicCast app going on my iPad with Spotify I can then use my Android app to control it if I want. Not sure why that is, but its what works for me. So we usually set the ipad up in the kitchen and then can stick the phone in my pocket and walk around the house or be outside on the patio with my phone to control everything from there.


Second: I have two WX-10's in different rooms. At first I couldn't get anything to work reliably. My first problem was when linking the two speakers together (master/link). The music was choppy. It would go in and out all the time and sometimes the "link" speaker would just stop playing.... Then it would start again.


I figured out that Yamaha musicCast uses 2.4ghz radio band. Everything wifi at my house was on the 2.4ghz band including Android TV's, baby monitor and Surveillance. I basically switched every wifi device in my house to the 5ghz band and all was good after that. Everything on the 2.4 was competing for radio signal which was causing the interference.


I hope Yamaha comes out with better customer support and updates. The speakers are great, quality is great and the brand has been around for ever. They need to hire some IT geeks ASAP to fix some of these bugs.

Just got my pair of WX-010. Can not connect to Spotify using Connect. Tried all the trix, but no. What are my alternatives if I want to use a pair? Can use one as a blue toorh soeaker, though.

I presume you have downloaded the MusicCast app and both speakers have the newest firmware update?


You need to make sure your musicCast speakers are on the same network as your mobile device.


Once you get your speakers on the same network then you should see your speakers on the Spotify App. You can get to your Spotify app from the MusicCast app by clicking the Spotify button.


Make sure your speakers are powered on (not in standby).

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