Spotify Offline on Samsung Watch Issue


Spotify Offline on Samsung Watch Issue

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Hi, I have. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch.


I may be doing something wrong, but I have a playlist on my spotify account. I add tracks to it.


I then go to my watch, open Spotify and it says 'This playlist has been updated - sync now?' - I say yes and then it downloads for a few seconds and says complete.


As soon as I leave the house without my phone, only the old tracks are being displayed will play and be displayed.

If I try playing one of the new tracks I added, it just goes back to the first track in the playlist.


I deleted the whole playlist and started a new one, then sync'd it. All ok, but if I add any tracks to the playlist on my spotify account, then try and sync my watch to it, the new added tracks show, but won't play offline! It's driving me mad now. 


Any ideas?





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