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Spotify Wrapped only shows songs listened to from half the year

Spotify Wrapped only shows songs listened to from half the year


Switched from student plan to family plan halfway through 2019



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Upon looking at my Spotify wrapped for 2019, I have many songs and artists that I have not listened to in a while being my top songs. I've been tracking my songs plays through Sergei for 2019 and it shows that Spotify is very off when it comes to my top played artists and tracks. Since I switched plans halfway through the year from a student premium account to a family account premium account, could it be possible that the statistics from the family account has been left off? I know that my music taste has changed dramatically from earlier this year, so I was hoping 2019 wrapped would display it! Can this be fixed?


I'll provide screenshots of the song disparity.

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I tried to view the 2019 decade wrapped to share with my friends and view my stats, but I am unable to see any of the full top song lists, or my top songs by year that my friends are sharing. A friend of mine said that she found her yearly stats on slice 14 or 15, but when I load my Wrapped, both on desktop Chrome and on my mobile browser, it stops at 11 slides, on the slide with my top artist of the decade.

Is there a cleaner interface for me to view this on? Is there any way for me to view my full stats?? I've been a premium subscriber since 2012 and would really like to be able to view this.

  • My decade summary of 2018 has totally different song/artist than my 2018 wrapped had.


so my 2018 wrapped was weird, my top songs were definitely off and ones I listened to on repeat weren’t there (see in my pics I say no way X song isn’t here, and then now it is listed as my most played of 2018)

now in 2019, when it showed my past years’ summaries, for 2018 it had a different top artist and a different most played song that looked accurate. Can anyone explain that? My only guess is that last year “favorite” may have meant that I played on more separate days, or a larger portion of the discography? And favorite songs were maybe most played throughout the YEAR (but mine were still songs I had listened to maybe 2-4x ever..) what do you think could be the reason they’re different? 





Hey, I tried checking my stats for 2019 on wrapped but nothing related to the music I listen to shows up at all and only shows the top music of the decade etc.!Is there a way to solve this?

I switched to the family plan a couple weeks ago and the same thing happened to me. I don't have a slide show and none of the playlists are relevant to my music. I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.2.3 and the latest version of Spotify

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