Spotify app discontinued on LG TVs - Spotify connect not working...

Spotify app discontinued on LG TVs - Spotify connect not working...

I have used the spotify app on my LG tv quiet a lot. now you have discontinued the app and playing should be "much easier just connecting your phone to you tv or speakers". Only problem is my LG tv is a smart TV but NOT wirelesly connected! It is connected to the same network though, just by an ethernet cable. But my phone does not recocnize the tv when a song is playing. in the device menu the only option I get is "this iPhone" - If I click more options the only option is still "iPhone". Why can I not connect to the TV when the TV is connected to the same network as the phone, although connected with a cable? Does this mean a have to by either a new TV or a cromecast to listen to Spotify onwards? If yes, do you then think I as a costumer find it "must easier to listen to spotify now"? I probably want by a new tv or a cromecast yust to be able to listen to spotify, I will probaly just stop using spotify instead... Please consider a way that people without a WIFI tv can enjoy spotify in the future, without having to by aditional gadgets... 


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Really frustrating!

I canceled Apple Music exactly for the ease of Spotify connecting to various devices and third-party apps like DJAY, plus of course my LG SmarthTV.
I expect a quick fix or I will return to Apple Music.




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