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I got problem with spotify connect on JBL L16. Everything went ok till today. Now I cannot connect to spotify connect from any device (macbook, PC, iphone). Sometimes it connected but only for while. It even play song for only one second and then disconnect. 


My JBL are connected to wifi. I tried restart every device. I make factory reset and firmware update and still no luck.


Thank you!



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We have the same problem. Until tomorrow was everything ok, but since 10 o`clock we cannot play on Panasonic ALL-02 or Teufel Raumfeld. Has anyone an idea?




I have exactly the same problem since this afternoon. I was already in touch with the support hotline of Raumfeld but they couldnt help.


Any ideas how to solve the problem if disconnecting the spotifystream after one or two seconds?




Experiencing the same issue on my Libratone Zipp. When it does connect it constantly stutters and eventually stops.


Same problem here


I am in Poland. Have issues with Spotify. Discovered it today. No problems (but little slower) listenting it on my PC or mobile but when trying to play on my Yamaha then 3secs playing 4-5secs silence and it keeps like this all the time. WIFI connection.


Same issue on my Pioneer VSX-828 (wired connection).

When I tap to connect to the device, Spotify just won't start playing on the Pioneer, and the playbar on my phone is stuck at the position/time I tapped the device. I think this started 2 days ago.

Same problem here (Northern Germany). Streaming on Teufel Raumfeld does not work properly (skipping). Happens with all apps and with notebook. Seems to be a problem in the Spotify system. So: I'm a paying client, get it solved please.

Hurray and thanx. It was a problem in the Spotify system and it has now been fixed.


On my JBL L16 no change. Did you reinstall spotify?


I didn’t reinstall anything. After calling Teufel Raumfeld support hotline it was quiet clear to me that the problem is not within my system. Raumfeld support had several notices of similar problems and reported to Spotify.
I hope simple waiting will help in your case too.

All the best,

I have the same problem on my Yamaha CRX-N560.

To all who have this issue: Do you have a single account or do you use spotify family? All my personal devices work well, but the Yamaha can be used by my account or my wife's, so I wonder if that could be connected to the issue!

Thank you!


have Yamaha CD-NT670D - the issue still valid - checked 2hours ago 😐

Single account. Already forced log off of all my signed in devices, and powered off the amp. Amp does all internet services correctlt except spotify.

We use a family account.
Hope you all get solutions soon.

Kind regards,

As I told, the bad thing is that you can do nothing but wait (and perhaps calling JBL support as companies seem to have better ways to address Spotify).
Good luck to all of you. I hope Spotify is working hard on fixings.


Mine started working again today... More people where the issue seems solved?


Mine still didn't work yesterday evening. There's a topic on this board in which a moderator asked for help on the issue (page 2):




Mine is also working since yesterday. I dont know why. I was working on in with spotify and JBL support but I dont know solution. But for sure it is on side of spotify, not remote speakers! So I spend many hours with firmware upgrades of JBL..


Think is, that it start working without updating spotify version. So it is problem on their side.


Hi there,


For those of you who have the "sound struggling" issue, with the track being played for a few seconds and then stopped, de-synchro between play-bar on the phone and the player, etc...  I have sad news:


Even if your issue seem to have disappeared, I can guarantee that it is not solved.


This is a very long standing issue with the "Spotify Connect" devices, and it has never been properly adressed by Spotify.


Just check the thread I created more than one year ago:


During the last year, the problem appears during a few weeks, then totally disappear for 1 month or two, then again horrible freezes during two weeks, and so on...


During this last year, Spotify has kept saying that: "yeah, we're looking at this". But they never give technical details. NEVER. Even when explicitly asked. Even when the question is precise.

Want to know why? I see only one explanation: there is no real investigation, so they don't have any technical detail to give. They don't give a ****. For them, this is only an issue of isolated customer which, probably, don't know how to use properly his device or connect to his low quality wifi network. I'm not in this case. Like, I think, dizains of user in this forum who dont have answers. And like, I think, thousands of users not posting in the forum but who have the same problem and think "this feature does not work" without going further.


The only solution is to keep sending messages to Spotify until they consider us.

Please continue posting here and on the other / older thread here!

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