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Spotify login & Samsung Smart TV

Spotify login & Samsung Smart TV


I have some challenges which has to do with my account on my Samsung Smart TV  that I hope someone can help me with. I was in touch with the helpdesk twice on Sunday, and thought it was solved, but yesterday the problem was back.


 First I had big problems to log in to Spotify on my Samsung Smart TV. Every time I got the message "login failed". I tried to create a new password 4 times but nothing worked. Spotify helpdesk then assisted me and I created a new password on Sunday - then everything worked just fine and I could work my Premium account from all devices; TV, computer and Iphone. The problem started when I was done using spotify on my TV Sunday night and was going to exit. Because when I came home yesterday after work and was going to play music from my TV I was logged out from Spotify again and was unable to login with the same username I was told to use and the password I had created the day before, which worked perfectly then. Why does this keep happening? 


I have a couple of questions:


How can i exit Spotify on my TV so that I can stay logged in every time I want to use it? It shouldn`t be necessary to log in every time.


And why doesn`t it work when you try to log in with the same username and password you have just created (which I used now when I was going to log in to write this post)?


I would be very thankful if someone could answer this because it is really frustrating to constantly have the same problems. 

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Have you tried to login into your TV using Spotify Connect? It's much easier than entering username and password. More info is here:
Hope this helps!



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