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Spotify not working with unblock-us

Spotify not working with unblock-us

On February 1 2016 my Spotify premium account stop working over my wifi router with unblock-us vpn dns setup. If I shut it off it works again. Other music streaming services are unaffected - they play nice.


This means streaming Spotify at home via sonos and via Ipad app no longer works.


why does Spotify care if I'm using a vpn?

is there a solution that doesn't mean giving up my VPN?


any suggestions?


screens hots of Spotify sonos and app while connected to my VPN.



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Switch  to another DNS unblocker. Unotelly, among others, will work fine with Spotify and Sonos. I had the same problem as you. Easily fixed by switching to Unotelly.

Yes, I have signed up for a unotelly trial. All seems smooth. Cheers.

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