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Spotify premium & google home

Spotify premium & google home







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 Have been trying for the last two hours to link my new google home to my premium account! It just WILL NOT link to anything other than Spotify free. I have tried all the solutions in the community so far and still won’t do it! It is one of the main reasons I bought the google home! 😖

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Hey @JES10,


It sounds like you're getting logged in on a Free account instead of a Premium one when connecting to Google Home. Is that correct?


We suggest that you first go through this help article just to be sure you're doing the steps correctly.


If that doesn't work, and you're getting logged in on a Free account, you might have your Premium account registered with another email address or with/without Facebook (depending on what you're choosing right now).


We suggest that you make sure that you're logged in to the right account with the help of this article.


Hope this helps 🙂

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