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Spotify recently came to Israel, but Sonos hasn't included it in their system yet

Spotify recently came to Israel, but Sonos hasn't included it in their system yet

Sonos says they are working on's been almost three weeks solution. I have subscribed to Premium, but can't use it, since Sonos hasn't included it in their list of Music services.


Also, why can't I contact someone at Spotify and have them help phone number or email address 


A bit frustrating.


Tom, from Jerusalem

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Hi @TomKoe and welcome to Spotify community! 🙂
I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, this will be up to Sonos to integrate and nothing Spotify can directly control. I did a web search and found the same concern is posted on Sonos' community forums a few days ago as well.
Are you able to use your Premium account on a computer, tablet, or smartphone in the meantime? You should still be able to listen to music via headphones or internal speaker since the service is available to stream.
Good luck and sorry I can't give a more satisfying answer.
Have a good day!

This needs some time. Also on other company’s. Like denon. It isn’t like Spotify is live in israel and other company’s are connected to. De difference from other company’s that integrates the Spotify service is that the most time the devices first connect to the servers from the company and from there they make some connection to the Spotify servers. 

I got the same problem. I'm a premium Spotify user in Israel with two unconnected Sonos speakers. wth ???????????????? 

Itai, Tel-Aviv

Hi Itai,
What do we do?
Call me when free at 050 907 0002

Hey Tom,

It's finally working !!

you can connect the Sonos to Spotify in Israel now ...




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