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Spotify stops playing on Echo with iPhone 8

Spotify stops playing on Echo with iPhone 8

While playing Spotify through my Amazon Echo it will randomly stop playing. If I look at it on my phone it shows it's still playing since the counter is still ticking and shows it is playing through the Echo. If it hit song skip it will sometimes start playing again. It happens so much it's almost not worth listening to since it's such a pain in the **bleep** to get it going again sometimes. Pandora & Apple music dont do this when playing on the Echo. I am using an iPhone 8 with the latest update. Any ideas? 

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You're not alone. I'm not sure why, but my previously solid echo won't play spotify reliably any more. It's just cut out again now, the only solution which appears to work is to power cycle the echo dot, which is getting to be a PITA.


Edit - is started playing again after around a minute.If you tell the echo to resume spotify while it's "stuck", it just ignores the request and doesn't say anything: I presume it doesn't think spotify is paused.


Spotify - is this your issue, or Amazon's? My network is fine, the wifi is solid (I've checked channels and I live in a sparse area anyway) and I can stream wifi endlessly onto an iPhone, iPad or to PCs via hardlink. It's just the echo which is borked, and spotify is pretty much the biggest use I make.


The echo is playing via bluetooth, and the esinkin adaptor I'm using is solid when I use ipad or iphone.

Which link in the chain is borked here?

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