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Spotify streams broken

Spotify streams broken

I'm a new artist so my debut weekend of my new project might be the most traffic i get on my project. On friday night my streams were at 970 and i was so excited to break 1000. When i woke up the next day my streams had gone down to 870 and then froze. all day i had people hitting me up saying they were streaming my music and me myself was streaming from a different computer but it stayed at 870 until finally this morning its now 969 and even though i have 32 people currently stays at 969!! i've messaged the spotify team and when i report the problem it says go check my inbox for new messages regarding you problem....there is no inbox!!!! i havent gotten any emails or any support and i'm so disappointed in promote my music on this platform. I'm very dissapointed in the ability to recieve help without having to jump through a millions hoops! and yes i've redownloaded the app and restarted my phone and cleared my cookies and did all that

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