Spotify with Sonos

Spotify with Sonos


For the past week I have been unable to use spotify through Sonos. I have a premium account, it works on my iphone but in Sonos I keep getting 'connection to spotify lost' whenever I try to access any music. Anybody any idea what is going on.

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As an update. Sonos say there is a problem with spotify and I note from an internet search many others have similar problems and have had them for a while. Sptify do not appear to offer notification when there are issues although they continue to take fees for a service they cannot provide. Will try Deezer instead as that appears to work fine.




Sorry to here about your problems and Spotify's lack of solutions to this.


I have been experiencing exactly the same problems as you describe for the last couple of days- When I try to play a tune through my Sonos, I receive the following message: "Sonos could not play the title. The connection to Spotify disappeared".


If the problem isn't solved within the next 24 h. I'll quit my account - I will not pay for a service that only works temporally.Smiley Frustrated



If you check the Sonos forums you will find a large number of users having trouble with Sonos and Spotify.
Seems as if the really big problems started mid-December. I don't know if this is a Sonos- or Spotify issue, but it really doesn't matter. Spotify does not work on Sonos. I'll be trying some of the other services to see if any of them work flawlessly with Sonos.
I'm posting here hoping someone at Spotify will follow up with Sonos. Sonos havn't even admitted that there is a problem.

I've been listening with Wimp (another streaming service) for a couple of hours with no drop-outs, error messages or gaps. I've cancelled my Spotify subscription, but I'm still hoping Spotify/Sonos will sort this out.


I have been experiencing the same thing. I am a danish user. And it is really fustrating!

Similar problem. It seems to work better in the week, but evening use on the weekend is very hit and miss. Other streaming services such as Last.Fm, Stitcher and radio working fine at the point that Spotify is not working, so does not seem to be a problem with my network. Problems started early this year. Getting frustrating now that the service is not stable.


A reboot of all devices in my system seems to have cleared up the problem.


Reboot of all Sonos hardware?


I use Spotify in combi with Sonos. I can listen to internet radio, but can't connect to files: "Sonos could not play the title. The connection to Spotify disappeared". Has anybody found a solution?



Same thing has happened to me twice. I am not sure what the solution is. But after a couple of days (up to 6 days) the problem stops. Perhaps it is because the Sonos component has been restarted?


It is a reoccurring problem, at I really hope Spotify is working hard on a solution. Next time it happens, I will drop my subscription to Spotify and go to another provider.





Cant offer much help other than the problem is only with the sonos player

Spotify plays fine in its stand alone mode and the internet radio works fine. Am not sure whether the integration to sonos has a firewall type of issue and am waiting from a response from sonos.

will bring you up to speed if i find out anything constructive to report



had same problem

just re-installed spotify software, restarted Sonos, done

i guess its a software version upgrade with spotify that they could do a better job communicating



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