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SpotifyWebHelper - Constantly pop ups on Windows 7


SpotifyWebHelper - Constantly pop ups on Windows 7

Greetings, I've been having this problem since this morning and I can't find a solution:

A SpotifyWebHelper.exe message pops up constantly and, well, its really annoying.

What I've tried:

*Closing the message. Result: Pops up again 10 seconds after.

*Restarting Spotify. Result: None.

*Restarting Pc. Result: None.

(found in an old board)*Don't allow Spotify to open from web from the settings tab. Result: None.


I've also read about reinstalling both Spotify and Windows, bout the people who did it had no results aswell.

I'll attach a screencapture of the problem so we are in the same page. It's in spanish but you'll get the idea.

For those wondering, I'll also attach a screenshot of the actual state of the problem. It's actually resting at the unsolvable problems corner Dont worry bud, we'll find a place for you in no time.

Have a good day and thanks for reading.

da problem.png
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Accepted Solutions
Marked as solution

I've fixed it.


Download the previous version, and keep the install file handy.


It'll work as a stop-gap until the next spotify patch.

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I'm having the same issue. It seems to be the Spotify related Rainmeter widget that's upsetting SpotifyWebHelper.


When I uninstall/reinstall Spotify: it'll work fine until the next reboot.

When I uninstall/reinstall Rainmeter: it has no effect.


When I disable the Spotify-related Rainmeter widget: SpotifyWebHelper stops crashing.
When I enable it again, it SpotifyWebHelper begins crashing again.


It appears to be Rainmeter's SpotifyPlugin.dll that SpotifyWebHelper isn't getting along with.


The connection seems undeniable, but once again: It works perfectly fine after a Spotify Reinstall until the computer reboots.

I've just disabled and re-enabled my Spotify-related skins and the connection is evident.

I had both the skin and spotify working simultaneously since like a year ago, with no problem but an album-cover related one (in the rainmeter skin), which is solved by activating and deactivating another spotify related skin.

When this error suddenly started poping up, I noticed other stuff stoped working too (all of them in the rainmeter skin):

*The album cover is now frozen in the cover it had when the message strated poping-up. It persists even after restarting the skin, Spotify and even the PC.

*Song name, artist and album are no longer visible.

*Also, the song meter (how long is the song) stoped working aswell.

It seems that the only thing working is the sound bars up the skin, which I already know the work independently of Spotify (they "sense" every computer sound, from Spotify, Youtube, games, etc)

I'll attach another screencap of the actual state of the problem and an old cap I had, as you'll see, a long time ago.

We might be getting into something, just need some more research.


My skin is MusicPlayer V 1.2 by Milan

The other skin I used for the album cover problem is SpotifyPlayer V by .raptor

Marked as solution

I've fixed it.


Download the previous version, and keep the install file handy.


It'll work as a stop-gap until the next spotify patch.

It worked.

Shout out to you fellow user. You've earned my respects.

I'll add a final screenshot as proof for anyone out there having the same problem.



Sin título.png

Rainmeter's Spotify plugin is the problem, download the new version and reinstall Spotify

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