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Suffle always plays the same songs

Suffle always plays the same songs


this is not a huge problem, but weird still. My "favorites" spotify list has nearly 300 songs. I listen to it quite a bit and always on suffle, but it mostly just plays the same songs over and over again? The suffle goes around maybe 40 songs. I use the suffle so that the songs would surprise me, but it's not working since the queue is always almost the same. There are so many songs on the list I never get to hear! Does anyone else have this problem? I do not have the "repeat" option on, so that shouldn't cause it. Thanks for any advice!

6 Replies

Hi @Eequone and welcome to the community 🙂


How do you play tracks? You should try right clicking the playlist and selecting the 'Play' option 🙂



I have the same problem as well!

Yep same issue. It gets rather tedious after a while!


But how to proceed? Inform the dev department? 



Each time I tried on " Suffle Mode " to skip song to another one on another album it always search the next song on the same album is playing.

Yes it drives me crazy

Same problem, does anyone have a solution??


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