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So before Spotify I was a crazy ocd person on iTunes; organizing my songs with every metadata option, playlists for everything including genres, moods, themes, activities, languages, where the song apppears and more. All this to say I take functionality and feauture options super seriously. I listen to a LOT of music (just check the image below of all my folders and playlists!) and Spotify, as great as it is needs a LOT of improvement. I think it was some user I had seen once who had said Spotify is like browsing a file on a harddrive while iTunes/Apple music is like browsing a music store or jukebox. Both aesthetically and functionally Spotify needs tones of stuff.


Bare with me, because this list is long (and I will update when I remember anything else) but here are my improvement/suggestions for features to add to Spotify:


                         DESKTOP 🖥


I find it ridiculous how we can sort (by artist, album, name, date added) and filter/search within playlists and stuff but we cannot do the same in albums, compilations (albums with songs from various artists) and folders you make (on desktop only). We should be allowed to do this irregardless the place. This is basic functionality, cmon...



  • There should be, in the settings, an optional thing to see album artwaork next to each song in playlists. I know the list view is compact and practical but it would add aesthetically to be able to see a nice little icon of the album artwork next to every song to quickly know what it is and what album it's from.
  • We should have a tile layout where songs in a playlist look like when you drag individual songs into a folder. A nice tile view would make that music store thing I talked about earlier, so nice.


  • Why on the browser media player when you right click to add a song to a playlist you get that nice layout of the big album artwork that you can scrool and click to chose but on the desktop app you get that long list of your folders and playlists in a list form (trust me when you have many like me it gets long adding songs if you dont drag them to the sidebar method and you right-click instead). Would be nice to have a more visually appealing way of doing this.
  • On mobile there is that super nice thing when you click "add a song" where it brings up those column view suggestions so you can quickly add songs to playlists, can you guys make a similar thing for desktop, the recommeded songs thing is so boring.

                   MOBILE (ANDROID) 📱



Ok, prior to a useless update the sort and filter buttons where on the top of playlists, easy and functional. Now, you have to click the 3 dots then go down and chose the button to then search and filter...  I don't know about you guys but I'm on the run a lot and it's so annoying how long that is just to dearch and sort (on iPhone this is not the case! It's still nicely at the top of the playlists!). Please put that back on the top of the playlist page ok, you make a simple task 8 years to do because you stuffed those options in the 3 dot area where the random other funtions are...



This seems like an obvious thing, but it doesn't exsist. As I said I have many many playlists so I organize into folders for different themes, genres, moods, etc... and ive always hated how on mobile we can't see our folders, its ridiculous. You guys need to add this, this might be the most obvious feature to add.



  • This is not my idea uniquely but I've seen others had the same idea as me online. Ok, so I save songs only when I don't have a playlist that I feel will fit it. This said, I'd like to know what songs are in which playlists (maybe like a tree view that shows the exact playlists you added a specific song in) other than just knowing by dragging to every playlist and getting the "skip duplicate" or searching every playlist manually to find out. This is a pretty complexe feature to request but it would be great. I've seen some extensions people have made to do this but it's nowhere near perfect and functional like having such a thing on the app itself and officially.
  • We used to be able to croudsource and help on the metada (the credits of the songs) on the website, what happened to this? Like you could tag, label, add what feeling or theme a song had along with adding credits like producer, etc. Now we can't do this anymore seems only the upper people at Spotify can help with credits. I wish this would come back!
  • A place to add suggestions for new songs that aren't on the database that you want to be added should be made. I hate that I have to add local files, it defies the purpose of why i'm paying for premium...



Here is the image of my sidebar, how I organize my library for you guys who want an idea how to do it.


Putting this here for those who want a hyper-organized way of organizing their playlist folders and playlists in desktop. Wherever there is the "Spotify" is a folder (one in each section) where I store my Spotify made playlists.Putting this here for those who want a hyper-organized way of organizing their playlist folders and playlists in desktop. Wherever there is the "Spotify" is a folder (one in each section) where I store my Spotify made playlists.




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