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[Symbian] Able to syncronize local files to my symbian phone (Nokia N8)

[Symbian] Able to syncronize local files to my symbian phone (Nokia N8)

So once i discovered a message saying that spotify on my computer could syncronize my local files to my mobile. This went great and i could really enjoy my own MP3 files for some time, but then i had to upgrade to Nokia Belle. Now my spotify app on the mobile won't discover the local music files on the phone and it will neither be discovered by spotify on my computer. How come?....


Happy Nokia user

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I am having the same problem. Does anyone have the answer to this? All changes to my music files I have on my Nokia N8 are not showing and thus the songs cannot be played in any playlist. If I add a new song to my mobile phone, spotify mobile app does not pick them up and does not see them.

Besides, should local files I have on my laptop not be synchronized togehter with all other songs in a playlist?


Feedback much appreciated please. Thanks



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