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Unknown songs in top track playlist...

Unknown songs in top track playlist...

For a start, i'd just like to say the 'your top tracks' playlist this year is absolutely terrible. There are multiple tracks i've never heard before, and 3 by rag'n'bone man.... I'm aware he sang 'only human' (which isn't in the playlist) but I have never listened to this artist on spotify, or any other medium besides catching that one track on the radio. Also there is not one techno track, which considering I listen to >50% techno it's just bizare!?


This wouldn't be as much of an issue if I could remove individual tracks, but you can't do that, and now the playlist is unusable on random, as I don't want to hear things I don't know and/or like when I put on a 'your top songs' playlist, funnily enough!


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Hey @leotk2k!


Sorry to hear your playlist included some artists and songs you don't like.


For these stats, Spotify takes into account all you listened to from Jan 1st to Nov 1st. If your account was used by someone else, or if you listened to some artists you don't like without using a Private Session, it'll be taken into account.


Right now, you can create a new playlist and add the songs you really like, and exclude the artists or songs you don't.


Fingers crossed, next year's playlist will hit the mark for you.


All the best.

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