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Using "up next" to play one album after another?

Using "up next" to play one album after another?

I want to play one album foloowed by another - if I am listineding ot one album then go to another and add to "up next" it doesn''t complete the currently playing album - driving me insane.


Call me okd fashioned but am used ot listening to full albums one after another!

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Hi there! If you're on a pc you can click the top track of the initial desired album, hold shift, and then click the very last song on the album. You then can right click the last song, and select 'add to queue' (This will add the whole album to queue).Then follow that same process again for the next album you want to listen to. Unfortunately if you're on a phone, you'd have to individually add each song from the albums in the order you'd like. I hope this helped 🙂

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