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Am I missing something.  The super clunky interface on the box has a super clunky Spotify, and I can find no way to put a playlist on to shuffle.  Tired of listening to everything in the same order. 😞

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No one?  Don't tell me I'm the only one that doesn't want to listen to song in the same order every time on a WD TV Live...



Shuffle play is low hanging fruit. I pay for Spotify because it's a pretty hassle free way to keep my music collection together. I hope shuffle is coming soon.


Yes please add the shuffle playlist feature.


Hey there chap. I just had the same problem and having had a bit of a tinker with the sttings I have found the function on my box. It may be that this is a recent update. 

While in a playlist I hit options on the remote, then selected play mode and cycled through the options, on of which is shuffle songs.


Hope this helps if you are still having the problem.




Just tried your suggestion, I don't see no play mode option. Just got my wdtv today, very dissapointed to see something basic as this missing :l


Hi mate 

the suggestion does work - thanks to willum51

1. Open playlist

2. Press options 

3. Scroll to play mode

4.  press ok and the icons for repeat > shuffle will scroll through and select shuffle 


works like a charm 


just wish the album artwork came up full screen when playing now through music.  Wdtv can improve a lot but its still the best on market in my opinion. 





have you tried upgrading software


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