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[WP 7.5] Yet another iOS update!

[WP 7.5] Yet another iOS update!

Just to rub salt in the wounds of us poor Windows Phone users, Spotify have now released yet another iOS update without any sign of anything happening on the Windows Phone front...!/nevyn/status/191974367494807552


We Windows Phone users still are forced to use this crap app with many bugs... No 320 kbps mode. Nothing. Spotify does not care about us as customers. Spotify, do you care?


Jesus Christus help us!!!

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Supposedly a big update is coming to Android too in the next few months. Yet not a sign on the WP front.


I have started using Zune Music Pass instead though and I find it 100 times better than Spotify in almost every regard.


I do not miss Spotify at all and I will never ever use it again or recommend it to anyone with a phone.


Congratulations Spotify team for driving away your own users by ignoring us. Though I'm kind of happy you did cause otherwise I would not be with Zune today.

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