[WP 7.5] i cant access my spotify on LG windows phone

[WP 7.5] i cant access my spotify on LG windows phone

my Spotify premium  worked fairly perfect for fist two weeks, but now after I put my log in details it comes up Spotify loading screen, and stays on that screen for....well forever I suppose. It just stays on that screen until of course you give up and turn off. Any help please???

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Seen the same thing on an HTC HD7. It was working up till Saturday of last week, but on my way home that night it stopped working. Haven't been able to login since. Guess I might have to switch over to Rdio for on the go streaming now.


I also tried an uninstall/reinstall just now and it won't allow me to download the app. Other dowloads work though.


I know there are not that many Windows Phone users, but seriously...this **bleep** ain't complex Spotify.

Hey there!


All I can say, this is normal from app called Windows Phone Spotify.


Clean re-install might help.

Same symptoms here. After spotify forced to accept new EULA (or what ever it was called), offline mode has not been working on Lumia 800. After spotify is started without network connectivity, only way to get it working is uninstall it, and re-install. Then it works if it is used only with network. If mobile data & wlan are switched off / unavailable, spotify is dead and needs reinstall.

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