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[WP 7.8] Offline sync doesn't work with wp7.8

[WP 7.8] Offline sync doesn't work with wp7.8

Topic tells it all. With streaming i can only play one song and then i have to change it manually cause it just doesn't change it.




Gona cancel premium cause phuck this shait. 



Htc titan 7.8

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There is no option to this.


I reported is as feature request, no one care.

My device list has been reset and it did work for 30s and then everything disappeared and it's not working again. 


Gona unsubscribe till they mind to repair it.



And it's not because of the money, im just so phucking bored to these half-ass baked programs that every phucking house is farting out. Ive been waiting and waiting few promised updates since closed beta and no, i havent seen them but ive kept my mouth shut because atleast it was working pretty ok. 

So the same client that worked on 7.5 now doesn't work on 7.8?


Are you running a prerelease version of 7.8 or RTM?

I am having same problem.  No offline sync on WP7.8.  I am running HTC HD2 with xda cooked 7.8 ROMs.   Not sure of versions of Spotify but the Spotify used to sync files to offline using same device running WP7.5.  When updating to WP7.8, I did upgrade microSD to 32GB. Streaming still works ok on WP7.8 for me.  Desktop playlist syncing seems to work ok.   I can live with the sporadically erratic Spotify interface operation but not having offline storage is huge interruption to my listening habits.

Oh, great! I've been waiting to get the 7.8 update but apparently if I want to use Spotify I can't update my phones OS when the update is released to "older WP7-phones". Just great Spotify, keep up the good work!!!

I just want to clarify I am using an 'unofficial' ROM version of wp 7.8 posted on xda developers.  I suppose when the 'official' wp 7.8 ROM is released in a few months Spotify might download to device again.  Until wp 7.8 or wp 8.0 release, I will have to just stream Spotify mobile while in range which is most often the case. I will hang in there with Spotify until I find another music service that has a wide variety of the 'non-main-stream' types of tunes I am attracted to.  I am also frustrated but often have to pay that price for being early technology adopter and unwillingness to fall back to previous wp versions.

I just finished installing official WP 7.8 on my HTC 7 Pro. I haven't tested spotify on WP 7.5, but at this moment, I can't even play anything...... playlists load up for current one, but when I click to play, it just won't.... I'm not even on offiline mode... so basically, it doesn't play any music, but shows list whether I'm on online or not. And it won't download... means I can't use offline mode!!! what the hack man...

I finally bought an official WIndows 8 device.  Nokia Lumina 620.   I am pleased to say I can now play tracks offline again.  At first I was a little frustrated when I learned the Spotify app only saves music to the device storage, not the SD card store.  The 620 has 8GB flash memory and I have a 32GB SD card in the device.   ANyway, I was still able to go offline with around 400-500 tracks which should be plenty.  If I remember right, when one gets too many tracks in lists, it takes Spotify longer and longer to initialize so I guess the limited flash will keep my Spotify efficiently running.  Regardless, I would still vote for Spotify to support an option to save tracks to the SD card if anyone is counting votes.


If anyone is interested, I am quite pleased with the Nokia Lumina 620.  It isn't officially available in the US but is available on Amazon from a vendor in Florida.  It works fine with Tmobile, uses a microSim.   It has a removeable battery which I like and also has the SD card feature. The Bluetooth paired up to everything well.  Normally I would buy the high end device but this time went low end and I think it will suffice well for my listening and others smartphone feature needs.



Yes, I was quiet happy with spotify on my mobile and really liked having the playlists synced to get them when 3gwas  unavalable and without too much 3g streaming. It stopped working when I went to windows 7.8 on my nokia 800 phone. Unfortunately the playlists I had synced also got lost when I was stuffing around trying to get it to work, I also uninstalled spotify to try reinstalling and this seems to to be a fail as well. So it is back to unlimited for me.



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