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[WP] WP7 app was the selling point for me?

[WP] WP7 app was the selling point for me?



The main reason I stopped using other streaming services was because spotify provides a native WP7 application, I realise now I should have probably read the community pages before making this decision as it described here as buggy and incomplete and is not even supported in the desktop application?


When was the last update for the application? Is there some sort of official announcement for planned updates to the application in the near future?


I just want playing music on my phone to be easy and I don't want to have to wait an extended period of time for the developers of the application to get around to fixing it... Why else would I be paying for premium unless I wanted the mobile application?






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Yes, it's currently without update. Actually this app is released as Beta version November 2011. Update is coming, as Spotify say to me, but no timeline when.


You can read official response from here (Page 3)





There should be updates frequently until the application works flawlessy. I see all these people posting here and they are all paying money to be able to use this mobile application and it just does not seem right that they can leave the application in such a terrible state since last year... It almost seems criminal.


Is there someone we can email for more direct responses?



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