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[WP10] Error "Audio could not be started." on startup.


[WP10] Error "Audio could not be started." on startup.

After upgrading to WP10 Insider Preview, Spotify no longer opens. It gives the message: "The audio could not be started. Please restart the application".


Tried reinstall, phone restart, etc.


I'm have a Lumia 520.


Thanks in advance.

24 Replies

With respect, this is not an actual solution. It is a work around.

I've found I've had this problem when the audio has been used by another app and then I try and use Spotify.

So there is a problem with the Spotify app in that it can't seem to take control of the audio when it has been used by another app.

Still a workaround, but I use the app "WP Tools" to release audio control so that Spotify will work. It has the ability to "clear music control" which will allow Spotify to attach when started.


 It's definitely a Spotify problem, no other audio app has this happen, which is silly especially when Microsoft is killing Groove and endorsing them.

geekahedron   awesome, thanks for the hint. wasn't so thrilled with any of the alternatives but considering giving up spotify nevertheless

guys they will not fix it, it is over. Spotify for winphones is dead, simple because winphones are dead.

my 650 broke and I had not other option but to go back in android. 😞

Just cancelled premium subscription....tired of waiting someone fix that app of theirs

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