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[WP8] Improvements for the app.

[WP8] Improvements for the app.

There was a thread with all the bugs and suggested improvements for the WP 7.5 app which can be found HERE! Since the WP 7.5 app was developed by a guy from Microsoft and not by the spotify team, I get that that edition was to help MS sell their devices (same as Facebook app beeing developed my MS). Now that spotify have finally put their own app for the WP 8 devices, I figured a suggestion thread for their own is in place.


As far as I can tell, none of the suggested improvements for the WP 7.5 app are added in the WP 8 edition, so I've stolen the list and added it here. Anyone have other ideas feel free to post! - Other than that, there is already an official bug-thread. So bugs can be posted there instead. (Bug thread)



Improvements suggested for WP 7.5 which haven't been added to Wp 8:


- Add Local files support.

- Add support. Very important!

- Add Bluetooth support (full support with prev/next track etc).

- Add Extreme quality support. Very important!

- Add Windows Phone support to Desktop version (sync local files)

- Add Radio support.

- Add ability to create empty playlist.

- Add ability to rename playlist.

- Add ability to check top lists.

- Add option to crossfade, volume normalization and gapless playback. Very important!

- Add ability to remember what playlist or track you're playing.

- Add equalizer.

- Add a faster way to scroll in playlists.

- Add ability to repeat one.

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Seconding all of these improvements, though the most important ones for me are:

- Add Local files support.

- Add support. Very important!

- Add Extreme quality support. Very important!

I put this here instead of in the bug thread:

Hi, for me as a musician it's absolutely crucial to be able to fastforward and fastrewind (if I use the correct words)!!! 

I really hope this will be part of the final release. My friends using other phones are laughing at me:-(

- Not being able to fast forward or rewind songs is the most disturbing issue at the moment

- There should be a possibility to move songs up/down inside play queue
- Scrolling through long playlists takes forever, so we need some sort of "fastscroll"

Oh yes, so many little things missing.

- Retain the spot on a scrolled list when you go off that screen/come back.

- Indicate a song that's currently playing when it's shown in a playlist - also helps know where you are in a list.

- How is there no 'Shuffle' button anywhere in the app?  Seriously, i want to just randomly start playing.

- In fact, I also want to play in a random order. Why does it always have to play lists in linear order?

- How do I download/sync a playlist to the phone? I can't find a method.


And then there's the normal Windows Phone 8 stuff.  You know, like when I'm using it in the car, I want the display to be always on; I want the audio controls always present so I don't have to try to finger the tiny 'next' button before it disappears while driving and not causing an accident...


Yeah, it's Spotify, but like all other WP8 music apps, it's a really poor attempt 😞

You can actually shuffle in the current version of the spotify app. After starting a playlist you should see the album art and the media buttons for the current song you're playing, simply press the dots in the bottom right corner and you can turn on shuffle. This only needs to be done once as the app remembers the setting.

Hey there,


If you have some ideas to WP8 app, create an idea here. Create one thing to one idea. For example add good subject and make sure you request one thing in one idea.




I lock this thread for now because it's best to collect ideas in right place. So folks can vote for ideas and Spotify will see what ideas are very popular!

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