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[WP8] Logging in issue or songs not playing

[WP8] Logging in issue or songs not playing

I just solved the same problem by logging in using my spotify id and password instead of my Facebook account.

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Well that fixed my issue. Definitely a bug though in the FB implementation, but at least I'm happily using the app. Thanks Pierric!

I click on a song and it will never begin playing. The progress indicator at the top is moving like it wants to start loading, but never begins.


Here too, but only in the Starred Playlist



First of all, thanks for the Spotify app. I've been waiting for it 🙂


Yesterday I've installed Spotify on my Nokia Lumia 920. I can login and see my playlists and songs. But when I want to play a song, I only see the loading bar. It doesn't play or sync any songs. I've tried it with Wifi and 3g. I also tried high and low quality straming, but that doesn't solve it either.

Try logging in using your spotify id and password instead of your Facebook account.

You are a genius 🙂



Got the same problem.

Where do I see my Spotify ID? I just have my facebook-account, I don't really understand this procedure.

You can try this page :, choose "Log in using spotify details" and click on "Forgot password or username ?" if you don"t know your spotify id.

can't log in using facebook log in or spotify registered user name. I get error code 126. Using a Nokia Lumia 820, in Norway. Doesn't work on 3G, Edge or Wifi....

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