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[Web Player] Various Issues

[Web Player] Various Issues








Various devices running different browsers including fresh installs


Operating System

Have tested this on ChromeOS, Windows 10 (1803), Mac OS 10.13


What I have already tried

-Tried clearing cookies, cache, etc
-Spotify is already whitelisted on my adblocker
-Tried disabling my adblocker
-Tried different devices
-Tried fresh browser install with no extensions (even on a fresh Windows install)


My Question or Issue

In the last week or so I have had countless issues with the Spotify web player. Ranging from not being able to see cover art on the popular songs section to receiving 1 minute or more wait times when trying to switch songs


As of right now, I am relatively certain this is not an issue with my internet connection, I have a solid 1gbps (download/upload) connection with my ping to their main site being only in the 150ms range.


So my overall question is if this is at all fixable on my side or is all of this server-side and unfixable outside of using the desktop clients (which I would like to mention work perfectly fine, but I'm using a Chromebook as my main device most of the time)


I have several screenshots but when trying to post them I got a nonsense error message ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Attempting to post to this fourm/helpdesk has been a disaster.

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Hey @user-removed, 


What browsers are you using? We suggest that you try opening the Web Player in an incognito window and also a different browser.


Make sure that your web browsers are up to date. 


If that doesn't work, get back with screenshots and we'll have a closer look. 


Thanks! 🙂

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