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Hey. Whenever I click play or the other play button with the music thumbnails in my music playlist, nothing happens.


Someone help.

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Hey @adit11


I suggest trying out these steps:

1. Ensure that "This web player" is selected in the Spotify Connect button, it's between Queue and Volume.
2. Wipe your browser's cookies and cache.
3. Go to a random album and hit the three dots on any song to select "Copy song link". Now paste this to your browser's address bar and hit Enter.
This should force the web player to open the album and start playing the song. Hit play if it doesn't play anything yet.
4. Go to Spotify webpage, log in if you're not logged in yet and select any album in the "Jump back in" section. This should open the web player and make it play the album you selected.


Let me know what happens 🙂

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