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Web player not working for me (Chrome, Linux)

Web player not working for me (Chrome, Linux)

Every time I open up the Web Player, it's just stuck on the last song I played, without playing it. Clicking play or attempting to play another song doesn't do anything. I tried disabling ad-blockers (which doesn't really do anything for Spotify anyways since I can't block their ads for some reason), erasing cookies, nothing works.

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Hey @TaintedLion


There is a handful of things you can try out, hopefully any of them will help you get your music back on again. 🙂


A method that has worked well for a few users:

In the web player, click on your username (under Install App) and choose Full website.

There is a handful of albums and playlists shown for you. Click on any of them to play on the web player.
If initially doesn't work, go to your account page, click 'sign out everywhere' and try again.


Another method is for the Spotify Connect feature, which may become frozen.

Use your mobile app*, desktop client or web player on another browser, play something, is possible, and try to connect to the web player your wish to use.

* Windows Phone app doesn't have the feature.


Let me know how it goes!

Not working for me either with latest Chrome / Firefox + Widevine. It was working just fine about a month ago... I'm on Linux as well. It works as expected in the desktop client though, but I don't want to use it.

Any resolution yet? I'm encountering this on OSX, in Chrome. 

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