Web player not working when logged in

Web player not working when logged in


For the past two weeks the spotify web player at my work has not been allowing me to play music after logging in to my premium account in google chrome. Any button I press (album art, song, etc.) or double click will not play anything. However, I am able to play spotify in the preview session before logging in to my account. Any tips/help appreciated.

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Hey @fleetingshapes.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Do you have the option to try a different web-browser? If you don't, try a different account. Since you mention that the web player stopped worked after you logged in somewhere, we'd like to test if the issue is account related.


If a different web-browser or account don't help, get in touch with support as they might have to unlock something in the network.


Hope that works! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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