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Web player won't play

Web player won't play

I'm a teacher and up until a few days ago I was listening to spotify using the web player while marking after school. For some reason it now won't play. I can do everything else, find songs, add them to playlists ect but nothing happens when I press play. I just have a greyed out pause button with nothing going on with the progression bar. I have tried in chrome and internet explorer and it has made no difference. I've also tried removing all the spotify cookies and logging out and back in, as I have seen reccomended but still it won't work. It does work on my mac at home and I know other people in school are listening with no problems. Any ideas?



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Hey @Emilily! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still not able to listen through the web player?


If yes, please ask your schools IT department if they've set up any firewalls or filters for your school network that might block the connection. ^^



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