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What happened to Eminem's Relapse: Refill CD2?

What happened to Eminem's Relapse: Refill CD2?

Yo all!

What happened to Eminem's Relapse: Refill CD2? Lot of tracks are disappeared. I noticed this today. Tracks like **bleep** Breaks Loose, Music Box, Drop The Bomb On 'Em etc. I really like those song and this is not the first time Spotify made unavailable songs I have in my playlists. I am not paying to download musics and hack it to offline or check my playlist if a song got removed or not. What is happening?







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Hi @user-removed,


Sorry to hear the music that you like and listen to disappeared from Spotify. I've had the same problem where I eventually just had to purchase the physical album and ship it halfway across the globe.


The real shame in this is that Spotify is not the one to blame when content gets removed. The music from artists is received from a distributor so that Spotify can stream it to you. If the artist or distributor decides that they don't want their music on Spotify or restrict it to certain regions, that's when you see music disappear.


Hope this clears things up!



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