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Why is my radio broken

Why is my radio broken

This just started recently (Sometime last week it worked fine). The radio no longer loads on my desktop app OR THE WEB PLAYER! I found threads on this site with the same issue but couldn't find anyone actually fixing the problem.


I installed the App on my phone and it works there, but I can't be always using my phone as a remote. And I shouldn't have to.


I'm paying for spotify premium and it's like there's a new headache every few months. First the radio had broken Ad volume so I had to use Web Player, now that was fixed but we have this new issue that's rendering my subscription useless.


I need some answers before I finally cancel my subscription and go back to Pandora. Can't lookup individual songs but it's worth it for a better service...

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Having same problem here - spotify webapp and desktop app stuck on loading screen really annoying but glad I'm not alone guess I'll youtue playlist it up today.

My web player isn't functioning either. Won't load anything but the current song that it will progress through on the right sidebar. Doesn't work in any browser.

All the threads I pulled up when searching were from ~Janurary so hopefully we can get some updated help.


Feel much better knowing others are having the same issue. Means it's more likely for Spotify to fix/resolve the issue in a timely manner. Then took them how many months to fix the ad volume issue...


Please Help Us Spoti-gods

I have this problem too. Can't play radio anymore. Used to work fine.



Betting it is wide spread? I've got the same problem 😞

Web Player works again!


I uninstalled Spotify (Might have been unrelated) then couldn't re-download it because it NOW shows up as a virus to our firewall (never has in the past...)


An hour or two later I tried the web player again and the radio just magically worked. I'll deal with excluding myself/getting the desktop installer another time, I just wanted my radio lol


In regards ot the firewall blocking the spotify download link, we have a mostly default Sonicwall configuration with Gateway Anti-virus enabled. That is the service blocking the download link. This has never been an issue until today and many different staff have downloaded / used the setup in the past (We have a nice mix of Pandora and Spotify users here haha)

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