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Why is shuffle playing the same songs repeatedly on a 48hr+ long playlist

Why is shuffle playing the same songs repeatedly on a 48hr+ long playlist

On Linux Android and Windows the app just does not shuffle It only plays about the same 15 or 20 songs occasionally throws in one more and just repeats. I don't know if this is tailored content that's getting ad revenue or what. If I can't shuffle a 40+hour playlist and not hear the same song four times in a day I'm canceling the service. This is ridiculous, there's no answers from anywhere, no help chat. Go ask the community, give us 10$
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Hi @FlibertyGibbit123
Thanks for contacting our community! 
This sounds like some kind of glitch. Can you try a few basic troubleshooting steps to see if it will make a difference? You can try to turn off the shuffle function and turn it on again, log out of the app and log back in, restart your devices etc. 
If that doesn't help it would be very helpful if you can share the exact models, OS versions and the Spotify App versions of your devices so we can investigate this further.

Let us know how it goes!

Kiril Moderator
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I’m having the same issue and have tried all these solutions. I’ve updated to the newest update, logged in and out and tried different playlists. It seems to be only doing it with the one playlist, it is also adding recommended smart shuffle songs when the smart shuffle is not turned on!

Hey @elliepoppy,


Thanks for reaching out.


Can you please provide a video illustrating the two issues, so we can investigate further? You can attach it to your comment or upload it to Google Drive or as an unlisted YouTube video.


Keep us posted.

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This has also been happening to me, nothing has worked to fix the problem. Its been 2 months of this glitch and I'm considering ending my premium subscription. My friends are having the same problems 

Hey @JLHinton1996,


Thanks for reaching out. We're sorry to hear you're having issues enjoying your music, we'll do our best to help!


Is this happening with a specific playlist? If yes, can you please try copying its contents to a new one and see if the issue persists?


As stated above, it would also be helpful if you could send us a video showing the behavior.



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The issue persists. Any 100+song playlist unless left on sequential play
will consistently play the same songs multiple times and never play others
typically the ones played over and over are the more "popular" songs or
from more prominent artist. I have just either removed songs from playlists
when I'm tired of hearing them repeatedly, but mostly just using my home
media server, now that its up and running. Spotify was just a stop gap
solution to cast to my Wi-Fi speaker groups throughout the house and
conveniently supported Google devices. It can't be an isolated issue even
some of my friends have said the same thing frustrated them about playlists
and shuffle being just curated handpicked from the list by some algorithm
and definitely not random. The issue isn't fixed but I'm not longer
interested in spending my time trying to address it. thanks

I don't have a video for this, as it's not frequent enough for me to know when it's going to happen and record it. In my case at least. But several times with a specific large playlist I'll be singing to it in the shower on shuffle, and then a couple hours later I'll resume it only for it to continue the current song and then loop back to the same songs I sang along with in the morning. I also get the feeling that the more popular songs are played significantly more often, and that some songs only get played if I queue them up specifically.

I agree! This isn't a glitch. It happens to thousands of Spotify users(just Google it!) Give us a proper shuffle option! Spotify is making me dislike songs I loved, through repeated play!

I'll apologize ahead of time since it was recorded with audio so be careful with your audio settings.


I finally remembered to get the screen recording. Typically, if I manually select a song to play, it changes the order of what song plays next from the queue. In this example, I set shuffle to the shuffle/recommend option. At first I'm on The Weeknd song, but go back to other previous songs because they constantly keep playing in that same order. Starting with the song cough, I play it, and then select another song manually. If I press next again, it should most likely be something different, but like clock work, Drake's song comes on in the same order, and then The Weeknd song again. This will keep happening unless force close the app. This is a daily reoccurrence. The file is too large so placing it as a OneDrive link: spotify_shuffle_recording.mp4 If I need to send it another way, let me know how.

Somehow, it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one in this case. I have been in touch with Spotify support for over three weeks and they basically messed around with me telling me times around the issue was fixed when it's not. My "liked songs" (+ 11K) keep playing the same songs over and over again, which totally ruin my music experience. Such shame for such a basic feature...

Please give us a true shuffle option! I am also looking into other music streaming options because you're ruining music for me Spotify!

Just so you know guys, I have been exchanging with their customer care for a few days, always been nice while the people there told me three times, falsely, that the solved the issue. Now, they just decided not to answer my messages anymore, and it seems I'm (we are) stuck with a simple issue that visibly can't be fixed. And the guys there seem to be fine with that. So disapointed at what used to be my favourite service overall until now.

It was like this a few weeks back, but all of a sudden this changed, basically I used to shuffle my liked songs a lot untill I found a track I wanted to hear. Then I would turn of shuffle to hear songs that were "next" meaning I wanted to hear the songs I liked just previous to the current playing song.


Now the behaviour changed to this: turning of shuffle starts queueing the first song in the playlist 

Is this just a desktop problem? I feel like I saw them add "Real Shuffle" mode on iphone. I'm having the same problem on Windows 7 desktop app. Within 10 minutes, it played 2 songs twice from a playlist of 50 songs...

This has also been happening to me. I have a 15+hour playlist and somehow I’m looping the same 30-ish songs (generous guess) instead of playing the 200+ songs i have in the layouts and ONLY THEN repeating other songs. I’ve cleared the cache on the app multiple times because i was informed it helped. I’ve now turned off auto mix under playback in the settings section. I read it should help but haven’t noticed a difference just yet… very frustrating and has always happened but I’ve never noticed it until I’ve started listening to this one single playlist on repeat lately.. 

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