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[Windows Phone][Your Music]

[Windows Phone][Your Music]

The app for Windows 10 Mobile is in serious performance problems, disrupting the experience of application for premium users. Please update the app with bug fixes, thanks.
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Hey @dougdih!


It's not cool that this happens. Let us know a little bit more about what's going on. Also, send us the operating system and Spotify version installed. We'll see what to suggest.


Take care!

I am experienccing this issue - the app is unusable currently. On windows Phone 10, App version, the app is constantly jumping into the "loading" overlay - so much so that I can't use the app at all. Not sure if this is related to playlists, but they are constantly marked as "loading" themselves and take a long time to appear. Is this related to the "constant database rewrite" issue that has recently been fixed in desktop? I have a large amount of locally saved songs.

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