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Won't connect to wifi or Reinstall

Won't connect to wifi or Reinstall

Since my windows laptop has updated, Spotify kept saying it was Offline whilst connected to wifi. Uninstalled Spotify but will now no longer download - no idea why. It won't even let me use the webplayer as it is saying I need to download a programme that is already on the laptop. Considering I pay for this service it would be great if anyone had any advice on how to get it re-installed and working again. Thanks.

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Hey @robynt,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

  1. For the webplayer issue you can fix it by enabling flash player in chrome:
    1. Open up chrome
    2. Navigate to chrome://plugins.
    3. Make sure Adobe Flash is enabled and "Always allowed to run".
  2. For the Desktop issue, try starting Spotify from CMD with the following command:

and let me know if it works : )

This worked an absolute treat for the webplayer! Sadly even using the command prompt it's still "waiting to connect" and showing as offline 😞 Thanks very much for your help!

Hey @robynt,


For the second issue Spotify is looking into it and it should be resolved soon. : )

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