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Won't work outside my house

Won't work outside my house

I have Spotify premium and I was under the impression I could take my music with me away from wifi, but I can't. The .99 cents is a good price but since I subscribed I find it can take up to 3 minutes to add a song to a playlist. I keep getting a message saying I need to go online to see the menu. I've only had this for less than a month and so far I wish I would have saved that .99 cents. The music is great but in order to make a comment or get to this screen, I had to go through a whole list of wrong pages! I tried to add the app to my phone but kept getting messages saying I already have Spotify, yes on my tablet not on my phone! iHeartRadio is sounding pretty go to me and Pandora is close to having me as a new subscriber. I know this won't matter to Spotify at all and I know I will never hear back from Spotify!

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