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Yamaha MusicCast primary device for spotify

Yamaha MusicCast primary device for spotify

  • Servus, in December 19 I replaced my RX-V3067 with an RX-A2070. So far I have been streaming my approximately 300 CDs stored in FLAC format via my home NAS. Thanks to the integrated apps on the 2070, I became curious and had initially completed a trial month at Qobuz Hi-Res. My 56-year-old hearing is probably no longer able to tell the difference between HI-Res (whether 24 bit or 96 kHz) vs. Perceive FLAC (16 bit, 44 kHz). Only with a few very old recordings such as I think Doors from 1967 heard an improvement. Since gapless doesn't work with Qobuz either, the thing was logged out again. Now I have subscribed to the 3 month trial subscription to Spotify-Premium, knowing that here only with max. 320 kbit / s is streamed. For a "sniff" or just sprinkle with playlists I think that's enough - in addition to the original CDs (as long as there are still some ...). Unlike with Qobuz, Spotify is largely controlled using the Spotify app. I would have questions to the experts here:
  • My MusicCast configuration is:
  • Room 1 = living room = the AVR
  • Room 2 = kitchen = via LS cable! Zone 2 connected to the AVR
  • Room 3 = office = Yamaha MusicCast 20 (WLAN).
  • Example: all rooms are switched off. In the MusicCast app I switch on the kitchen room, select Spotify as the source. So the smartphone switches to the Spotify app and I select a playlist or album and start playback: and the smartphone speaker squeaks - which I don't want! To get the playback from the AVR, I can click this small, not WAF-friendly icon in the app and then come to "connect to a device". Here, however, the app only offers me "living room" and "office". Probably because only those are connected via WLAN. The kitchen is connected as Zone 2 via LS cable. If I select "living room" (with the main zone switched off), Spotify outputs the music to the kitchen LS in zone 2, but at the same time switches on the main zone (living room) and the music also runs there. How can I improve it? Is there a setting that playback does not always start automatically on the smartphone but from the AVR? How can I integrate the kitchen space? With Qobuz it wasn't all that way, I was able to control my three rooms separately - and if necessary combine them with the disadvantages (and costs) mentioned. Thanks and regards marpiet

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