deleted songs keep coming back

deleted songs keep coming back

I have 2 androids and several desktops


Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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This happens to me all the time. I usually log out of all of my accounts on each of the devices, and then log back in. Sometimes if you delete too many songs the other devices need a little time to catch up.

But I have been deleting for many months now and they keep coming back. So it is not like it takes time to catch up it is that they are never deleted

I am sorry you've been having so much trouble. Are you deleting the songs while you are offline? If so, the online version usually takes precedence over the offline version, which could explain why they keep showing up.

No I am deleting online.

Would it be possible that the people that the subscribed to my playlists can add or delete songs?

Hmm that is really frustrating. The only way people can add or remove songs is if you made the playlist a collaborative one. Is that what you did? Also, how long has this been happening?

I will check if it is collabarative

this has been going on for 5-6 months now

it is frustrating

If it is collabortaive, you should see a small open circle at the top left of the music note next to the playlist. spotify.JPG

Any update? I have a song in my library that keeps on coming back after I delete it. I tried logging out on all devices but it just keeps on adding it self the second you delete it online. Song is "In my Head" by Queens of the Stone Age

Also having this issue. 


Haven't tested this on mobile, but I definately see this on desktop.

Playlists are not collaborative.


Please see video here that shows me deleting a song and it coming back.

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