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playlist sharing not working with non facebook friends

playlist sharing not working with non facebook friends

Hi, I am following a friend on spotify and wanted to share a playlist i made specifically for him. however when I search for his name in the send to field it does not work. is there any way to correct this? I've included a screenshot, you can see he is someone i follow on the screen, and that it is not finding him in the search. I've tried on both my phone and desktop. 

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I'm having this same issue - since updating Spotify I haven't been able to share playlists with non-facebook friends. They don't show up with I type their name in "Send to..."

I'm having the exact same issue here.


Trying to share a song and/or playlist with a non-facebook spotify user.

I can't even find the name of the user, even though I'm following and it shows up on the 'friend feed' panel.

Using the web player, I can find the user when I start typing the name but when I press send, it just hangs, spinning forever.


Is Spotify aware of this? When will this be working again?



Yep, I've been experiencing the same issue for the past 24 hours. In addition to the problems mentioned above, when I respond to messages sent to me from non-followers, my response vanishes without a trace after a short while.

Same problem here after the lastest update.

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