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playlist update problems

playlist update problems

As a premium member I expect my Spotify playlists to update on a weekly basis as it is suposed to work but that hasn't happened.  I have the Top 100 Hip Hop tracks by Spotify playlist and it hasn't updated since 4/6/15.  I am not really sure why this occurs but as a paying member one should be able to manually update a playlist if it fails to do so on its own.  If Spotify is to get any more of my money they had better fix this.  I see many have these sorts of issue and it's just sad because from what I read around the internet is that this has been a problem since 2012.  Fix it already.  Get some real support for paying customers as well. 


From a happy but disappointed subscriber.  (If any Spotify employees actually read these).

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Hi @gbwiz! Sorry for the late reply here.


I've reported this to our Browse team and they will look into it. Thanks for the heads-up!



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I am so disappointed.  I paid for 3 months of service to give it another try and my playlist still does not update weekly like its supposed to.  This is a playlist labeled as " Top 100 Hip Hop Tracks on Spotify".  it is by Spotify, I would be embarassed about that.  You would figure that that playlist would update as intended since you folks are hosting it.  This playlist still has not updated since 4/6/15.  I could maybe even see this happening to a free subscriber but for a paying subscriber this is unexceptable.  It does not seem to be something you guys can get under control either since I see all over the place online that this seems to be a common problem with playlists.  When I pay for a service I expect it to work properly.  The playlist updated correctly twice and then just stopped updating.  I really wish someone would take this a bit more serious and get it fixed.  I must say that when my 3 months run out if its still not working then I will not use the service any longer.  I am not going to pay for something that does not work correctly.  I expected more to be done with this issue the first time I posted about this.

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