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problem with web player

problem with web player

Hi, since yesterday spotify web player started skipping songs continuosly without playing them. It's fine in my phone app and desktop app but web player isn't working. 

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Hey @felipebrunetti!


That's not cool, but I'd love to help! Does trying to use the Web Player using Incognito/Private Browing mode help here? 


Let me know!

Yup, me too! Have the exact same problem. Last week I could use it with no problems. But since yesterday it starts skipping songs and not playing anything. Since I'm on my work computer, I can't choose incognito browsing. So any other idea or solution would be very welcome...

Not working on edge, chrome, mozila or opera, even incognito, i tried my
brother's account and it seems fine, apparently the problem is with my
Please help, work without music is really boring.

Thanks for that info, @Lisanne27 + @felipebrunetti!


If you have access to another account, can you try using the Web Player using that account? It'd be really good if you could clear your cache and cookies after logging out, as well 🙂


Keep my updated!

It is kind of a relief to know that I'm not the only one experiencing the issue. Web player does not work for me literally anywhere: no browsers, no modes (incognito); removing the cookies does not help as well. Desktop and mobile apps are working, however, I cannot use them at work, and living without the web played kinda sucks. I've found some solutions which included some really random things to no avail.

I've just checked the browser console in Chrome and it seems that there is a kind of misconfiguration, see the pic:Console

I highly doubt that this can be solved on the client end. Can anyone somehow forward this to Spotify team? We just want our music back.

For anyone interested - I've got an update. I've reached to the Spotify team on Twitter, and after some time of troubleshooting they concluded that the issue is likely somehow tied to the account. So, I have recreated my account and the folks moved all my playlists to the new one, which solved the web player issue.

I'm still not sure that this is the best way of resolving this, and I was not provided with an explanation of how this is possible at all. But anyway, I have a working web player now.

Well... as of today, everything seems to be working again! Maybe the prodding on Twitter dit work after all 😉


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