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Best videocall site/program for recording


Best videocall site/program for recording


Me and my co-hosts have been recording video calls on discord as our episodes, I've had the most experience with it between the both of us. We've been slowly gearing towards having more frequent guests as of late and luckily everyone we had on thus far has discord.

I don't know of any other good (free) options other than skype. I seen a lot of paid web services have an option for folks who have it with an ability to give a link to them and join the videocall without having to download an app or make an account etc...

We'll continue to use discord as our main hub but I'm worried about more and more guests we have on won't have it and reluctant/non-tech savvy to use it. We can always move to skype if that's the case but something quick and easy like ^^above^^ are known at all we can go that route for future guest episodes.

Zoom is a double-edge sword since you can only record (freely) up to 40 mins (seen some like this with these options limit you), and our episodes last between 1hr - 1 1/2hr to help with any tangents and longevity to get our points across.

That's my dilemma, I'm not too bothered either way by it myself, but was a valid concern my co-host brought up for things going forward.

Any suggestions or thoughts on it would help and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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