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Music and Talk streams


Music and Talk streams

I've read all this explanation of Spotify going after those creators that wish to just stream their "music radio show" from their own playlist or Spotify's library, with Spotify covering the royalties. Much like AMP launched by Amazon last year.  It is described by Spotify as "Music and Talk" shows with a talking requirement in addition to playing music a mandate.

I haven't found any on my front page, just a few outdated "creators" with non-licensed music. Where are these new "music streaming show hosts" to be found that are not 90% chatting like a pod cast and a song or two thrown in in an hour segment?



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Hello, the Music + Talk format demands creators abide a 75% music to 25% talk ratio.
This may be why the content you've encountered so far is full of blather.
Personally I'd like my blather to be minimal so my audience can focus on the music I'm sharing.
It's a good idea but it's failing me as I can't seem to get to the 25% talk threshold leaving my work stuck in draft

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