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Hide / Delete Podcast from Homescreen


Hide / Delete Podcast from Homescreen

I came here to find out about this.  I was searching for a better podcast feed than Apple and haven't been satisfied yet, so I tried Spotify.  Now, there feels like NO Opportunity to actually discover some new music or groove, while I do a few other computer things.  The reason I never went to Apple Music is they'd only show me what I already know.   How boring and annoying.  I miss music match to this day! All data, no BS.  I found people who had different tastes in music and made a lot of playlists.  fun times.   Anyway, if you know a good podcast player for ios, let me know!  I do like getting the suggestions and popular stuff, just when I'm looking for it, not when I want music (not advertising!)


The website coincidentally asked for my feedback on my experience, so this is what I wrote: 


I only find unaddressed complaints about my issue. Please let us hide podcasts from our home screen. My weight loss hypnosis, or my grief, are private topics, for my eyes and ears only. It's not just entertainment.
If spotify will be an embarrassment to me because of this deep invasion of my privacy, of course I'll have to cancel. Many people have asked for this, and there is no response from you either. Shame on you Spotify.

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Considering paying the extra Can $2 a month so I can make another profile just for podcasts... but I begrudge another $24 a year.    Am I crazy or what do you think.  Please let me have your podcast software recommendations!!! 



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