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How to remove a Podcast (i found a way)


How to remove a Podcast (i found a way)

Hello Spotify community 

I've found a way to remove a Podcast with help of the Spotify support team. 


So I contacted them and they said the only way to remove it is to listen as to many new podcasts as you can (doesn't have to be a full episode)

So I advise you to listen to a podcast you don't mind seeing in your "your shows" section.


Steps to do this:

1. Unfollow the podcast you don't want to see and if you can rate it the lowest.


2. Make sure the podcasts is last for example:



3. How to make it last

Unfollow any podcasts that's behind it, then podcast and follow it again

it should be in front of the podcast you don't want. 


4. Then whatever you do, do not follow it again leave there in last place


5. Now listen to as many different podcasts as you can this should make it pop up in the podcasts section and "Your shows" but this does take a while since it has to refresh.


6. Once you done all of that you should be good but it will take a while to update/refresh 


Hopefully this helped

Also last step do not search up that podcast again.


(for me this worked, but I'm not lying there used to be a Podcast on my "Your shows" but they only posted a trailer and I got curious after that it never disappeared until today



I would like to thank the Spotify Support team and the Spotify speciality team for helping.


Again hopefully this works
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I don't understand why they can't just add an option to say not interested. Why do we have to go through this roundabout method?...doesn't make sense. I am avidly against horror genre. And one day it was just autoplayed as a recommended while I was listening to my other shows. Now it's always showing up and auto-played and I can't listen to my shows at night anymore cause I don't want to get nightmares. I did find a stop auto-playing button on my settings, so that's what i've resorted to.

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